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Here are a few highlights since their birth in December to now…

French Bulldog Puppies just minutes after birth…

French Bulldog Puppies just minutes after birth

Some breeders prefer to whelp naturally, which is OK. They know their dog best and if they feel that it’s a good choice in a certain situation and that all French bulldog puppies will survive I say go for it. However, we prefer to go with the surgical procedure 90% of the time. We went with the natural birth one time only and it resulted in complication and death of 3 puppies. We have our trusted vet do the procedure. This time we welcomed 5 healthy French Bulldog puppies, 3 girls and 3 boys.

Eating and Growing…

Eating and Growing

We had some extremely active puppies in this litter. Just 3 days after birth they were trying to crawl around and choose their favorite teat. They choose their favorite one by the smell and use it as their preference during feeding time. Mom was doing an excellent job and she also recovered quickly and started gaining weight just days after she had her French Bulldog puppies. Our females are only bred once a year and live the rest of the time enjoying their life as beloved pets.

We Are Getting Sooo Big

We Are Getting Sooo Big

Growing fast huuh? They are almost ready for their first major vet visit. After they are cleared we will slowly start placing them in their new homes. Pet homes are preferred, but small ethical breeders are OK, if they qualify. We will look into you breeding practices, your facility and ask for references. Their well being is always a priority and them ending up in some kind of irresponsible breeding situation is not an option.

We Are Getting Sooo Big

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