7 French Bulldog Facts that Might Surprise and Astound You

1. French Bulldogs are a Hit with Hollywood Royalty

With their calm French Bulldog temperament and undeniable star-quality, it may not shock you to learn that celebrities go gaga for Frenchies! In fact, Gaga, herself, has a French Bulldog named Asia Kinney who has appeared in some of the most famous photoshoots with her fashionable mom.

Other celebrities blessed with Frenchies include Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, Zack Braff, Reese Wetherspoon, The Beckhams, and Martha Stewart. Leonardo DiCaprio even has a Frenchie. Do you think he knew there was a brindle Frenchie named Gamin de Pycombe aboard the Titanic?

The late Carrie Fisher was also known to walk the red carpet with her French Bulldog Gary.

2. The French Bulldog Could have Been Named the “French-English-and-American Bulldog

Happy Frenchie Puppy from Ethical Frenchie

The French Bulldog is a not-so-distant descendant of its larger cousin, the English Bulldog. About 150-200 years ago, while English Bulldogs seemed to get buffer and beefier, there were breeders that were developing a smaller, daintier bulldog. These more petite pooches were all the rage for English lace-makers.

The Industrial Revolution forced many small-business artists out of their English workshops and into the North of France. Soon, the love of these tiny bulldogs traveled from Normandy to Paris and in true Paris fashion, they became the avant-garde favorite!

The breed became more and more standardized and premiered at Westminster in 1896, even though they weren’t an AKC breed. Well, two years later Americans flipped when rose-eared Frenchies placed at Westminster. They pulled their pooches from the competition and rewrote the breed standard to dictate bat ears.

So, all three countries played important roles in the Frenchie we know and love today!

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3. Frenchies are a Big-City Favorite

Happy Frenchie Puppy from Ethical Frenchie

While it’s easy to see why Frenchies are so darn lovable, their popularity stats in the United States are remarkable!

In 2013, the French Bulldog rose to the 11th most popular breed according to the American Kennel Club. And by 2017, they climbed to the 4th spot on this prestigious list.

And these big city pups have been a favorite of coastal city dwellers for years! In 2014, the Frenchie was the second most popular breed for Americans living in cities. And in 2016, they earned their place in the Big Apple as the #1 breed in New York City!

Their easy-going nature and compact, but sturdy, size makes them the perfect companion to cohabitate with in an apartment. In fact, they’re one of the best roommates you can ask for.

4. Oh, Toto! There’s No Dog like a Frenchie!

Happy Frenchie Puppy from Ethical Frenchie

While the dog actor that played Toto in the film production of The Wizard of Oz, was a Cairn Terrier named Terry, the original illustrator of The Road to Oz and The Emerald City, R. A. Neill, depicted Toto as a French Bulldog. If it weren’t for a last-minute change, the film version of Toto probably would have been played by a fabulous Frenchie instead. A Wichita resident pushed for Toto to be played by a Cairn Terrier since they were the state dog of Kansas.

But there’s truly no place like home with a Frenchie waiting for you. And the Golden Brick Road would have been a bit brighter had it been graced with an adorable French Bulldog as R. A. Neill had intended.

5. Your Frenchie is No Michael Phelps

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If you see a French Bulldog in a lake or pool, it’s probably adorned in a life jacket. This isn’t just a great fashion statement. Most Frenchies cannot swim without one.

The French Bulldog’s top-heavy build makes it difficult for them to keep themselves upright and paddling. Their petite snouts also add to the complexity of Frenchie water sports. They have a tendency to sink easily and struggle to keep their button nose above the waterline.

But this doesn’t prevent them from being able to wade in shallow water or take a bath (even though yours may try to convince you that baths are unnecessary). This makes them perfect candidates to be spoiled with a baby pool or a flashy life vest.

6. Ribbit, Ribbit! Here Comes the Frog Dog!

Happy Frenchie Puppy from Ethical Frenchie

While Frenchies are known for being a Yankee favorite, they rarely get called “Yankee dogs.” In fact, you’re much more likely to here one of these love bugs referred to as “frog dogs.” This may seem odd since they aren’t aquatic athletes, but it has more to do with their origin and appearance.

Nowadays, it’s seen as an antiquated nickname for people from France, but at one time “Frogs” referred to French nationals. There are many tales of how the French earned this moniker. One obvious reason it the alliteration of the “fr-,” but it is also likely that it came from the common stone pillars you’d find at the entrance of a French home, topped with a stone toad. And French Bulldogs French origin may have contributed to this lovely pet name.

Many people are more familiar with this nickname as a reference to how our Frenchies love to lay flat on their bellies with their legs laid out behind them. While other people suggest that they earned this pseudonym because of their round faces and dark, round eyes.

7. They May Not Swim Like Michael Phelps, But They Skateboard like Tony Hawk

You may have seen a Frenchie on tv skateboarding across your screen, but did you know that this breed has a knack for being skilled skateboarders?

Gizmo is a French Bulldog that started to skate when he was a three-month-old pup! He even has his own YouTube Channel where you see him conquering ramps alongside human skaters. He’s totally talented, and he’s kind of Insta-famous, too!

Eric, or Eroc, the French bulldog is also one of the latest stars you’ll find shredding the pavement in the French Bulldog skateboarding world!

Whether your French Bulldog is a celebrity or not, we hope you learned a little bit more about this beloved breed. Choose your favorite fact and celebrate your Frenchie’s unique heritage!

And as always, if you know of anyone looking to add a new family member to their household, like, comment, share!

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