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Ethically Bred French Bulldog Puppies

As French Bulldog Breeders of NYC, We are re-defining the pet store, one french bulldog puppy at a time.

We are re-defining the pet store, with transparency and a focus on socialization, health, and temperament. Just as people want to know where their food comes from, so should they know exactly where that Blue french bulldog puppy for sale near you came from as well.

If you leave our site having learned more about Frenchie puppies from us, than from all of the various “add a frenchie to cart” websites on the combined, we’ve done our job, whether you decide to get a puppy from us or not.

The amount of time that we invest into breeding and rasising French Bulldog puppies shows in our commitment after you take your baby home. Unlike most French Bulldog Breeders we stay in touch at all life stages of your new family members lives. Which is why our Instagram is dominated by happy families, months and years AFTER they brought their frenchie home. If we’re putting our brand on the line, its more important than ever for us to raise the healthiest and best french bulldog puppies and match them with only the best families.

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Early Puppy Socialization

Early Puppy Socialization

We go to great lengths to ensure each French Bulldog puppy is ready for your family. Through proper socialization Frenchies are less prone to transitional shock are more prepared to become stable adults, which is important to ensure that your new Frenchie transitions easily into your household.

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Puppy Health Gaurantee

Puppy Health Gaurantee

Being a French Bulldog Breeder requires a lot of preparation and health testing before producing a litter. But none of that matters if we aren’t able to back up. So we offer the strongest Health Gaurantee in the industry. To read more about where why you should never chose a frenchie from a faceless entity.

Where to find a Frenchie

Frenchie Education Center

Frenchie Education Center

The only thing we care about almost as much as our furbabies is educating our potential families of “all things frenchie” please read a few articles from our blog, which we update regularly to make sure you’re informed before the big decision.

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French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldog Colors

Learn more about French Bulldog Colors and what are the difference between standard and exotic French Bulldog Colors.

French Bulldog Puppy Colors

Anyone can “add a Frenchie to cart” via any of the find a puppy websites or craigslist scams.

You’ll learn more about Blue French Bulldogs and the various french bulldog puppies for sale from us than anywhere else, as we pride ourselves on Education. In fact before making your decision to bring home a french bulldog puppy, we ensure that you are well prepared.

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Quick #FACTS

  • How Much do French Bulldogs Cost?

    Our French bulldog prices is “fair market rate”. We constantly scan the internet and other breeders to ensure that are pricing appropriately. Blue and Merle Frenchies are usually bit higher than standard colors.

    We breed

  • What is the process?
    • First Step is a txt or phone interview
    • Second Step is a videochat/facetime to meet your potential furbaby.
    • Third step we provide you with our puppy preparation guide and all the things you need to prepare your home.
  • Who are the breeders?

    Our family breeds blue french bulldogs and merle frenchies. We also have friends and former customers who breed frenchie puppies with us. (We often reach out to old customers and ask if they would like to set up a “date” between dogs).

Welcome to Ethical Frenchie

Looks like you've made it to the end of our homepage, Which is good, less than 1% of visitors make it here. As a reward, you can call us directly at 212 739-0182 (ask for James)

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