Potty Train Your Frenchie

How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy by The French Bulldog Guide

It can be frustrating as accidents do happen and smells do occur! But we love them and care for them so we are okay with it! kinda! Luckily the Frenchie is a very clean breed, what I mean is that once it is house trained it’s very rare for your Frenchie to have any “accidents”.

So please be patient and take your time with your new and ‘unskilled’ French bulldog, and to help you we have put together loads of information on how to train your French bulldog.

How To Crate Train Your French Bulldog

Crate training is when you confine your Frenchie to a crate when you are unable to directly supervise him. Also when you wish to teach your Frenchie to relieve themselves in the right area. Develop a daily potty routine that includes leashing your Frenchie as soon as you wake up and telling him or her “let’s go potty!” This will familiarise the phrase with your puppy when relieving itself.

Take you Frenchie outdoors to where you want him to use as a bathroom. He may be easily distracted and want to play so make sure you are firm with your instructions. Praise your Frenchie with excitement when they relieve themselves in the correct place outside. If he does not “go potty” take him back into his crate and repeat every 10 minutes.

Make sure you repeat this routine after each of your puppy’s meals, before you leave the house and first thing in the morning. Oh and do not forget to do this last thing at night too! Your Frenchies crate should have just enough room for him or her to turn and lay down. Dogs will not usually relieve themselves where they sleep (unless they are left for too long).

You can give your Frenchie a treat when he or she does well in potty training. But if your Frenchie has an accident in your presence then scold it and quickly move them outside. It is important to remember that your French Bulldog puppy has a small bladder. Make sure they have the chance to relieve themselves every 2 hours and at night when required. Please do not crate your French Bulldog puppy for longer than 4 hours when they are small. Do not scold your Frenchie if it has an accident and you do not witness it, it will only confuse them.

Potty Training Your French Bulldog

Each time the puppy goes in the right spot, he is being trained to relieve himself there. Consistent training with your puppy will bring consistent results You may found it helpful to have an exercise pen for the house, and one for the yard. But please so not leave your Frenchie out in cold or alone in hot weather.

Place the other exercise pen in the spot you wish your Frenchie puppy to use as a permanent potty spot, both as a puppy and adult. State commands like “go potty” or “hurry up.” After he does his duty give him a treat and tell him he was a good boy. Use your Happy Voice! If you provide your French bulldog puppy with a crate that is way too large then it may allow him to relieve himself in one end and sleep in the other which isn’t good!

Make sure you take your Frenchie puppy outdoors to eliminate on a regular schedule and especially prior to being left for prolonged periods of time. He will start to circle and sniff and look for a place to potty when he has to go and when you are watching him, you can quickly take him to his potty spot. By watching closely, you will soon learn your puppy’s individual body language. Minimize his chances of making a mistake by predicting when he will need to relieve himself.

If you are going to be playing and interacting with your puppy, then it is absolutely fine for him to be out of his crate as long as you like. Times to watch are: As soon as he awakens, as soon as he finishes a meal, first thing in the morning, after a play session, and as soon as you take him out of his crate. Do NOT let your puppy run lose when your eyes are not on him, even for a couple minutes. Each time your puppy has an accident, he is being trained to potty in that spot.

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