Best Food For a French Bulldog - Our 2020 Guide

How to pick the Best Food for a French Bulldog?

Follow our 2020 guideline below!

Yes, kibble is very convenient and that’s what a big portion of dogs owners worldwide feeds, but is it really the best option for your dog? As a responsible dog owner you are probably what is the best food for a French Bulldog in 2020?

Let’s just start by saying, dogs just like humans, require fresh food to thrive. Your French Bulldog will experience less issues if fed a high quality raw diet.

Below you can find some diets as well as food brands we recommend. You will not find any type of kibble on this list, as kibble is not a recommended style of feeding if you want to keep your French Bulldog healthy and issue free.

The BARF Diet - Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet

Image of honest kitchen dog food

The best food you can feed your dog, and that applies to all dogs, not just French Bulldogs is a completely raw diet that consists of raw meat, raw bones, raw veggies, raw eggs,.. It’s the diet that your dog is designed to eat.

No your dog is not designed to eat baked kibble or cooked protein. The heat damages the protein which prevents correct absorption by the dog.

But this is not a raw feeding guide. This is a blog about recommended dog foods for your French Bulldog, and even though the raw diet should be the first choice, we understand it’s not doable for every pet parent.** **

Ziwi Peak Air Dried Raw

Image of Ziwi Peak air dried dog food

Wow. So Ziwi Peak is one of the best air dried raw dog foods I ever came across. If you are a dog food connoisseur, like myself then you will be blown away by their ingredients.

Meat is organic and free range, they focus on creating a balanced meal by pairing the right foods together and not by relying on supplements and additives.

This would be my second choice, if feeding completely raw is not an option.

Ziwi Peak is carried by Amazon, which is another plus. You can shop their food by clicking here.

Stella and Chewy’s Dehydrated Raw Food

Image of Stella Chewy's Dog Food

Stella and Chewy’s is a very popular brand in the dog world. They are notorious for their dehydrated raw dinner patties as well as other raw food toppers.

You can choose between so many different protein types, including rabbit, in case your have a highly allergic and sensitive pup.

Sojos Freeze Dried Raw Food

Farmers Dog

**Sojos **is another freeze dried raw food brand with clean ingredients. Non GMO, no fillers, and super convenient if you travel and don’t want to feed fully raw. Sojos comes in powder form, so all you have to do it re-hydrate it with water, bone broth, goat milk, or a mixture of them all.


Image of the Instinct Raw dog food packaging

Instinct is a brand that offers the Best food for a French Bulldog. You can pick between their frozen and dehydrated raw options or raw coated kibble. If kibble is your go-to then picking one with some dehydrated raw meat is better than not doing it at all.

Before I started preparing my own raw food I used Instinct, religiously, and I think it’s the best dog food for french bulldog with skin allergies. The ingredients are very limited and you can easily eliminate the allergen.

Instinct raw can be found at every PetSmart and Petco in their fridge section, but you can also shop the freeze-dried version here.

Spot Farms

My Ollie Dog Food

Spot Farms is another powered dehydrated raw dog food that is conveniently carried by Amazon and can be delivered to you anywhere at anytime.

Human grade ingredients and full of nutrients as the meat is only lightly processed by dehydrating it. The meat is never cooked or baked so the important nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids remain in the food by the end of the process.

You can pick between different flavors like chicken, duck, pork, turkey,..

You can shop Spot Farms dog food here.

To Summarize

I hope you will be able to pick the best food for French Bulldog puppies and adults, after reading our blog.

My last recommendation would be -**if you are feeding a different kind of food, like fresh food or kibble, make sure to implement some raw food into your dogs diet in some form, even if it’s only by sprinkling some freeze dried raw food toppers on top. **

Here is a list of ingredients you can add to your dogs diet to boost or add the ingredients the diet lacks:

  1. ** Bone Broth**
  2. ** Probiotics and Enzymes **
  3. Omega 3 Plankton
  4. ** Hemp Seed Oil**
  5. Raw food toppers
  6. Raw Green Veggies

ALSO if you simply cannot bring yourself to feed any kind of raw food, even the air-dried one, then cook for your dog. Lightly cook the eat and veggies, to prevent the nutrients from being destroyed.

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