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Blue French Bulldog FAQ's

  • What are their personalities like?

    Blue Frenchies personalities are identical to all other colors, as the personality of a blue french bulldog is not affected by its color, but by its upbringing.

  • What makes a Frenchie's color "Blue"?

    What is called “Blue” is visually (to the eye) a grey French Bulldog. It is the dilutent gene (dd) that lightens the coat color of what was genetically a black Frenchie. This “color diluting gene” makes the base “black color” look more gray with a blue hue. therefor all blue Frenchies are black Frenchies with the color diluting gene.

  • How much are Blue French Bulldogs?

    Prices vary depending on whether you find your puppy on craigslist, or a reputible breeder, however $4500-$6500 USD with a health gaurantee is a good price from a reputible breeder.

With blue eyes and a greyish-blue hue to their fur, the Blue Frenchie is a rare and popular type of French bulldog.

Like any other Frenchie, these dogs are lazy and lovable, are great family companions and grow to be an average of 25-28 pounds. They’re also sensitive to extreme outdoor temperatures and tend to be the most expensive of the French bulldogs, with a price tag that can range upwards of $3,500 for a blue Frenchie puppy.

These cute and cuddly little gremlin pups aren’t easy to ignore, and not just because they tend to demand ample amounts of attention from their people. They snore, snort and grunt their way through life, just like any other flat-faced dog breed.

Blue Frenchie Origin

French Bulldogs as a whole are a breed that originated in England and traveled throughout the world with traders and merchants, gaining popularity in France and with Parisian nobility. From there, they traveled throughout the globe and became popular in America as well.

Blue Frenchies get their color from a recessive gene, so the only way to get a blue French bulldog is to breed to another blue French bulldog. The blueish-gray color began to show up in litters in the early 1900’s and became popular almost immediately because of their coat color and because they tend to have blue eyes.

While Blue French Bulldogs are wildly popular with people around the world, they aren’t actually a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club. That’s because their rare coat color is due to a genetic condition called color dilution alopecia. The condition doesn’t affect the personalities of Blue Frenchies, though, it just gives them their beautiful coloring.

Key To Blue Frenchie Popularity

Blue Frenchies are popular aside from the rest of the types of French bulldogs simply because of their color. They have a single-layer coat, just like the rest of the French bulldogs, but their coat ranges from blueish gray to black and they usually have blue eyes.

They’re known for being compact, medium-maintenance and for being clean dogs. They are the most expensive type of French Bulldog breed, but otherwise are similar to other Frenchies.

Like the rest of the French Bulldog crew, they are roly-poly, low-energy dogs that don’t shed a lot and that love companionship. They’re a dog with a giant personality in a small package and they love nap time as much as they love play time. And they’ll be making noise while they’re doing both.

They’re little muscle-bound dogs that can be both masculine and adorable. Unlike other small dog breeds, French Bulldogs aren’t frail-looking. They don’t have a reputation of being hyperactive. They’re known for being strong and resilient. They’re small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage or an over-the-shoulder bag while you’re out on errands. Their size also makes Blue Frenchies a great apartment or studio dog; they’re small enough to fit almost anywhere!

Blue Frenchie Attributes

Like all French bulldogs, these small animals need to live indoors and usually need a jacket or sweater if you’re walking outside when it’s cold. They’re prone to overheating, overexertion and asthma because of the shape of their heads. French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, which is a term that refers to the flat-faced features common to the breed. Their flat faces make it difficult to breathe and for them to cool off. They like walks and being outside, just make sure to monitor their breathing while you’re out!

Blue French Bulldogs’ coats can be more sensitive, and they can be prone to oily skin. They do love to stay clean, though, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them more than usual.

Blue Frenchies are the most expensive of the French Bulldog varieties because of the expensive breeding process. The recessive genes responsible for their coat color will usually only present when two Blue Frenchies are bred together. Breeding is further complicated because most French Bulldogs have narrow hip structure that makes it difficult for natural breeding to occur. Because of all this, many breeders use artificial insemination to breed Blue French Bulldogs. Birth is also complicated for Blue Frenchies because of their head size, and most are born via C-Section at the vet.

Blue Frenchies can also suffer from inherited diseases and allergies like alopecia, and are prone to breathing problems, joint diseases, spinal disorders and heart issues. Chat with your vet about ways to keep an eye out for developing problems and take your dog in for regular check-ups to keep your Blue Frenchie healthy and to enjoy their company for their natural lifespan of 10-12 years.

Blue Frenchie as a Status Symbol

Blue French Bulldogs are well-loved all over the world, including the celebrity community. Lady Gaga’s Blue Frenchie is named Asia and the Leo DiCaprio has a little Frenchie named Django. Zach Braff of the TV show “Scrubs” has a Blue Frenchie named Scooter and Reece Witherspoon’s Blue Frenchie is named Pepper. Other celebrities that have Blue French Bulldogs or a blue-mix are Martha Stewart, Hugh Jackman.

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