Partner Puppies

Same Health Gaurantee, Same Quality, Vetted Partner Breeder

Qualifying & Verifying

I Personally meet with, inspect, and vet & verify our Partner Breeders. They are Hobby Breeders of different backgrounds, from all over the world.

Hear Their Story

In an environment overrun by scams, and shady situations I provide full transparency, by letting you meet and hear the story of where your puppy comes from.

We Bring The puppies!

If we bred a puppy ourselves we explicity say so, otherwise you will be prodivded with the breeders info so that you can send them updates about your furbaby as it grows with your family.

Extended Health Guarantee.

From that point on your Health Guarantee is covered by both Ethical Frenchie and the original breeder. (Think if it like an extended warranty)

The Opportunity

There are a lot of smaller breeders, whom aren’t as “Savvy” with the modern internet. I’ve seen French bulldog puppies listed in craigslist ads and in weekly “used car magazines”, that were only distributed in a small rural communities (Seriously), by happenstance I was getting gas and noticed puppies listed next to a used pickup truck.

How I Responded

Now I collect probably 100’s of these small farmer trader, auto trader, & craigslist classifieds listings daily. I drive to these small towns and meet with the breeders, whom in a lot of cases have one litter per year, or maybe even one litter every 5-10 years. I meet with them, hear their stories and usually make an offer.

How they will be defined at Ethical Frenchie

The puppies listed as “Partner Puppies” are sourced from the relationships that I’ve built on the road and networking.
Any French Bulldog puppy listed as Partner Puppy is one that **I did not breed myself** (I can’t keep up with the demand).

I check to ensure that the breeder is doing everything correctly and that there is no puppy mill involved. Once you take home a partner puppy you are given the contact information of the breeder and their profile/bio if you have any questions. **Partner Puppies are covered by the same guarantee as our own puppies** This is a registered, licensed taxed business, naturally it is imperative to make sure our customers are protected (so that our company doesn’t go bankrupt on poorly bred french bulldogs) The documentation and health requirements for our Partner Puppies are the same as our own.

What’s in it for you?

The answer is short and easy, The value for you in a partner puppy is your time saved, searching several website listings, questioning the validity of the puppies you see online, going into questionably shady situations with people who appear to be doing things right.

I do all of that for you, because by the nature of this business and all of my time on the road, I’ve already qualified and vetted several breeders, their litters will be listed here.

Time = Saved


Currently we have 1 Partner Puppy listed, with more to come. -Signed James 06/10/24

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