When other humans first see me, they tell me how wholesome and strong I look. They say the mark on my lip adds personality. What do you think?

About Me

Hi everyone! I am a happy go lucky guy called Spot. Do not be offended, it is not because of the spot on my lip because that would be mean. I am Spot because I can spot fun from over a mile. OK, about that spot on my lip, it was my ability to spot the hot dog cart. I love kosher hot dogs! So, I spot the cart and I chased after it. I was almost ready to catch it when the old man pushing just stopped. No warning or anything. He just stopped. Even though I am equipped with the latest in four paw stopping power, I could not stop in time. Who knew the bottom of those carts were so darn hot? SMACK! I ran into that thing so hard it pushed my face in even more and part of my lip stuck to the cart. That old man was so nice. I bet I ate a dozen hot dogs and he did not make me pay. He kept saying something about not Sue. I do not know a Sue, but as long as he talked about her, he gave me more hot dogs.

I am a Brindle French Bulldog puppy with a one of a kind pink lip. Me and my siblings live in a place called Manhattan. That is in New York City, where there are lots of humans and kosher hot dog carts. I have a lot of siblings and we have our very own rooftop play area that we love. All of us like to bask in the bright sun and soak in the solar waves. It is how we recharge our batteries. I like to get evenly tanned, so I lay on my belly with my chunky rear legs pointed away from my nose. When I lay like that the humans laugh and say I have frog legs. They can make fun all they want; it feels good to me.

My birthday is 10/19/19, and I am 11 weeks old. My health is purfect because the vet tells my temporary humans at every visit. (They have no idea that I understand English as well as French. Shh.) When other humans first see me, they tell me how wholesome and strong I look. They say the mark on my lip adds personality. What do you think?


I get along with everyone and everyone loves me. Like my siblings, I love chasing balls and chewing on things. I really like having humans pay attention to me. The more the merrier. My siblings get jealous sometimes because all the girls kiss me right on the lip with the spot. That was the plan all along.

There are lots of blue Frenchies fur adoption, but if you get me you might get jealous at all of the attention I get. So, you cannot be the jealous type. This is especially true when all of the girls are kissing my lip. Just get used to it. Be careful if you try to snake my action though: there could be some very smelly consequences.


No question that I am healthy; I mean, look at this finely formed canine body! The vet has seen me several times, and I have my shots. (Grrrrrrr!) Some people worry that a lot of blue Frenchies have skin problems. None of my relatives have any problems with their skin or anything else. The secret is feeding me the right food, giving me healthy treats, petting me 29 hours per day, making sure I play, giving me healthy treats, giving me belly rubs, and using only quality bath products. (Did I mention treats?)

I am a Frenchie, and we have very particular needs. You should probably do a little research before getting your heart set on one of us. Our faces make us very desirable because it looks like we chased a cement wall. How many other animals have you seen whose eyes can look inside their own nostrils? Just kidding! Mostly. Brachycephalic is the name. It means our faces are squished flat and we sometimes have trouble breathing easily. Because of the short nasal passages, you better like snorting and snoring…oh, and farting.

Video of Me and My 9 Siblings!

What I Need in a Human

You need to always be ready to play, and you better like buying me toys. When you buy toys, think of what a Tasmanian Devil with the bite force of an alligator will do to it. If it will last more than ten minutes, then that is a toy made fur a Frenchie. Of course, I LOVE pulling the stuffing out of toys, but you have to watch as I do because sometimes, I eat the stuff. (Hey! The commercials say to eat more fiber. If they did not mean that fiber, they should have said so.) I like long walks on trails, in the bark, I mean park, or on the beach, only you have to be sure it is not too hot or not too cold. Both can cause breathing problems after just a few minutes of exertion. I do need exercise, I do need to run, I do need to catch squirrels, and I do need to dig. The one thing I do not need to do is swim. Our bodies are made to sink like a pallet of bricks, and since we have no snout, swimming pushes water into our nostrils. Trust me; it is not a good thing. Now, playing in the rain is a different story. That [bleep], excuse my French, is fun!

I must have a human who is nurturing and knows when it is time to cuddle, which is always. I do not always listen very well, so you gotta be patient. My temporary humans are making me tell you that Frenchies are very stubborn. (They said something very mean about us having thick skulls.) Because I am so easy going, you need to understand that I may not always do what you want when you want. But, if you treat me just right, I will make it look like you have me well-trained and I will act sophisticated. Did I mention that you need to like cuddling – a bunch? I will woof at you if you ever furget to give lots of belly rubs. Ooh, and ear scratches, those are important. Plus, you have to promise to take me to the vet regularly.

When you get to the city, I am easy to spot. (See what I did there?) I am not too picky when it comes to humans. I only need food, playtime, treats, exercise, treats, belly rubs, ear scratches, and your love. If you have those qualifications and you have lots of treats, maybe you get to take me on the spot.

How it works (How to Apply).

Phone Interview

We receive a ton of traffic each day, so its important for us to speak only with quality families and good homes. Your interview for a puppy starts with the chat, then moves to a phone interview where we want to hear more about you. (just like a job!)

Family Approved!

Whether you are bringing home a puppy in the future or within a week, Once approved, we immediately begin our relationship together on your during the next and most exciting step, your puppy match!

Match Maker!

Raising the puppies as our own alows us to see their true personalities. This helps us ensure that the individual puppies characteristics are a perfect match for your unique family. Its now time for "Quality Time with Frenchies"
  • Step 1 - Use the Chat!

  • Step 2 - Phone Interview

  • Step 3 - Quality Time with Puppies (In Person)!

  • Step 4 - Furbaby! (when you’re ready)

Financing Options:

We are not a bank, but if you need financing there are options including the link below. If you are considering financing we would seriously ask you to consider adopting from a shelter first! However if you’ve made up your mind, and nothing will get between you and your furbaby Click Here to Apply with Community Finance LLC .

Health Testing:

Our French bulldogs for sale come from health tested parents, but additional health testing can be performed on the specific puppy. We use (it’s like a 23&me for dogs!). Lead time is 3-6 weeks for results.

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  • Animal Genetics
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