Yo! Everyone calls me Cesar. I am the coolest pup on the block. Trust me; I ought to know, I run this block.

Video of Me and My 9 Siblings!

About Cesar

Cesar is our one and only boy, he’s what we called a “blue merle pied’ French bulldog. His unique coat and ocean blue eyes will catch everybody’s attention, but let’s not forget about his warm and friendly personality. Cesar is a very laid back and chill little guy. He kinda had no choice, since he was born to a litter of dramatic female frenchies. Being the only boy, the only way to survive was to enter his zen place and ignore the drama. He would do great in any home, either a house or apartment, as long as he gets his snacks and lots of love.

How it works (How to Apply)

  • Step 1 - Use the Chat!

  • Step 2 - Facetime/Zoom Interview

  • Step 4 - Delivery! (when the puppy is ready)

Financing Options:

We are not a bank, but if you need financing there are options including the link below. If you are considering financing we would seriously ask you to consider adopting from a shelter first! However if you’ve made up your mind, and nothing will get between you and your furbaby Click Here to Apply with Terrace Pet! .