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It's Me, Pepper!

Available as of 10/16/19 10 weeks old Available


Hey guys I’m Pepper. I honestly don’t know why they called me Pepper, but apparently because I’m so spunky and brave. I’m a blue French Bulldog girl and I’m looking for my forever home. I just went outside for the first time today, we visited the park. Unfortunately I couldn’t walk the streets just yet, because my shots aren’t finished up. But I did love the outside, especially all the attention I got from strangers and them telling me I’m so cute! I’m ready to take over the NYC streets and I’m looking for a partner in crime. Someone brave, adventurous and clumsy when it come to dropping the food on the floor. Is you, the person reading it, my new hooman?


Pawrents keep us healthy. Mom brushes our teeth – she says it’s very important to teach us about oral care from young age. I hate it, but I guess I’ll have to get used to getting my piranha teeth brushed ☹ I’ve been checked by our vet multiple times – I love that guy! Even when it comes to him giving me shots – I’m the best Pepper I can be. I still need some more vaccines before I’m fully protected against the outside world, so make sure you keep me up to date on shots. I’m already microchipped – you are welcome. You will receive more instructions from my mom when you come visit. See you soon!

Who is Pepper a good fit for?

Well, I’m not gonna lie, I can be a spoiled little Pepper, but don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle. My only requirements are: good food, frequent cuddles and watching Netflix shows that include random animals popping up on the screen. Other than that I’m pretty flexible and easygoing. So I think your time has come to pick up your phone and type in the special number (212) 739-0182 and ask for Pepper. Thanks!


Sooo….apparently I can only eat 2-3x per day. Life is so unfair sometimes for little Peppers like me. But whatever..let’s just skip to what I eat when they finally decide to feed me. I eat a mixture of kibble and Fresh Pet Chicken recipe food. I lick the bowl clean, everytime. I’m small but don’t underestimate my ability to eat. Food is the key to my heart, now you know it and now it’s your opportunity to come and trick me into adopting you 😉

A Day in the Garden

Apply for further consideration.

Apply for further consideration.

We receive quite a bit of traffic on our website, and feel its our responsibility to ensure that each puppy is placed in a good home. Because of this an application and quick interview will be required.

Financing Options:

We offer financing through a third-party company we occasionally partner with. The application process is very smooth and simple and offers financing to up to 5 years. If interested in financing a French Bulldog Click Here to Apply with Community Finance LLC .

Health Testing:

Our French bulldogs for sale come from health tested parents, but additional health testing can be performed on the specific puppy. We use (it’s like a 23&me for dogs!). Lead time is 3-6 weeks for results.

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  • Animal Genetics
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