Axel is a blue french bulldog puppy located in Washington, DC he can be delivered anywhere in the US.

About Me

Yo! Everyone calls me Axel. I am the coolest pup on the block. Trust me; I ought to know, I run this block. I am a blue French Bulldog puppy and I get all the ladies. Let me tell you something; you have never met French Bulldog puppy that is anywhere near as bold and brave as me. Nothing scares me, and I do not back down no matter what. I am a native New Yorker, But when coronavirus hit, these humans relocated me and my siblings to Washington, DC. So I’m here now and you know that I take no gruff from anybody. Ever heard the term “bullheaded?” Look it up in that dictionary thing, and you will see my picture. I can get into anything, and I will. If something is going down around the house, I will know about it. If you go to the kitchen, I am going with you. If you go outside, you had better have my leash because I am going too. And if you hurt my future family, I will find you like Liam Neeson.

My favorite time of the day is playtime. Boy, can I play! I play so hard that I sometimes do not realize that I am sleepy. I mean, one minute I am at a full run chasing my siblings, and the next I am waking up from a nap. That is OK, I do not like to stop. Me and my siblings live in a place called Dupont Circle I already told you that I’m from New York, so don’t think I’m a weak little DC transplant! Although… It is kind of nice here in Washington DC. There are zillions of humans here and all of them want to play, but they cant keep up, I have allll the energy. Their loss: know what I am saying? We spend a lot of time hanging out in the park exactly 6 feet away from each other for some stupid reason. All of us love to lay outside and soak up the sunshine. Our humans make fun of the way our legs go straight back when we lay on our bellies. They think our legs look like frog legs. Maybe I should tell them what they look like when they lay on their bellies. I mean, you can park a bicycle there, know what I am saying? Besides, they only have two legs and we have four!

I’m 8 weeks old but people think I’m old enough to drink because I’m so healthy. I know this because I can hear when the vet tells my temporary humans. (They have no idea that I understand English as well as French. Shh.) When other humans first see me, they tell how strikingly handsome I am. That makes them pretty smart because they are right about that. So, now it is time for me to pick my new family. You better be looking good when you come to see me. I will judge you by the way you are dressed. If you do not look good, furget about it. I probably should not tell you this, but I do accept bribes (a.k.a. bacon).


If something is going on, I probably started it; not to worry, I will finish it. The only things more interesting than whatever I am doing are getting petted, getting my ears scratched, having my belly rubbed, or especially when I am eating. Me and my crew love to chase balls; if you roll it, we will chase it and fight over it. Besides chasing balls, I love other toys. Because I am such a bad-ass, I need lots of toys to keep me busy. Yeah, you probably think I am trying to trick you, but I am being 100%. If you do not believe me, anything you like can become a chew toy.

I know there are plenty of Frenchies fur adoption, but I will definitely make things in your household more interesting because I will find create all kinds of action and will go after anyone who tries to take my stuff. If you think I can help you with a hookup, you are very perceptive. I draw in the guys and gals equally. If I find someone that, in my judgment, is a good match I will give you the nod and wink.


No question that I am healthy; I mean, look at this sleek physique! The vet has seen me several times, and I have my shots. (Grrrrrrr!) Do not listen to the rumors about how us Frenchies have skin issues. None of my relatives have any problems with their skin or anything else. The secret is feeding me the right food, giving me healthy treats, petting me 42 hours per day, making sure I play, giving me healthy treats, giving me belly rubs, and using only quality bath products. (Did I mention treats?)

I am a Frenchie, and we have very particular needs. You should probably do a little research before getting your heart set on one of us. Our faces make us very desirable because it looks like we chased a cement wall. How many other animals have you seen whose eyes can look inside their own nostrils? Just kidding! Mostly. Brachycephalic is the name. It means our faces are squished flat and we sometimes have trouble breathing easily. Because of the short nasal passages, you better like snorting and snoring…oh, and farting.

What I Need in a Human

You need to always be alert and keep a close eye on me. If you do not hear any noises, I am probably doing something to get your attention. Remember I said I like to play? Well, you better like buying me toys and playing with me. When you buy me toys, think of what a Tasmanian Devil with the bite force of an alligator will do to it. If it will last more than ten minutes, then that is a toy made fur a Frenchie. Of course, I LOVE pulling the stuffing out of toys, but you have to watch as I do because sometimes, I eat the stuff. (Hey! The commercials say to eat more fiber. If they did not mean that fiber, they should have said so.) I like long walks on trails, in the bark, I mean park, or on the beach, only you have to be sure it is not too hot or not too cold. Both can cause breathing problems after just a few minutes of exertion. I do need exercise, I do need to run, I do need to catch squirrels, and I do need to dig. The one thing I do not need to do is swim. Our bodies are made to sink like a pallet of bricks, and since we have no snout, swimming pushes water into our nostrils. Trust me; it is not a good thing. Now, playing in the rain is a different story. That [bleep], excuse my French, is fun!

I will be OK with a human that does not get too angry when I do things that annoy you. You need patience and lots of energy. My temporary humans are making me tell you that Frenchies are very stubborn. (They said something very mean about us having thick skulls.) Since I am so assertive about things, I add a whole new level of intensity to thick-headedness. You also need to like to cuddle – a lot. If you ever furget to give lots of belly rubs, I will remind you. Ooh, and ear scratches, those are important. Plus, you have to promise to take me to the vet regularly.

So, what time can I schedule you to come by to see me? Be sure to leave enough time for me to cuddle in your lap and time to play. If you try to be in a hurry, I will not want to go with you. You have to make time fur me. If I am not the most important thing in your life, you do not deserve me. Got it?

Be sure to read the section that talks about my mommy and daddy. It has essential infurmation.

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