Maya - Blue French Bulldog

Maya Found a home

Maya Found a Home in New Jersey! with a wonderful Family.

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Personality: Hey! My name is Maya and I’m a needy little girl

My name is Maya and I’m a blue chunky Frenchie girl. I don’t know if what they say is true, but they like to call me a little whinner. I wouldn’t say I whine. I just don’t like being left alone or unattended 😉 Humans are my obsession and I love to snuggle into their neck while also providing a gentle kiss, it’s my favorite thing to do. When I’m not completely glued to my humans I like to play with my siblings and steal their toys while releasing tiny growls. I would say they are pretty scary growls, but everyone else laughs. Not sure why :P I get a Fresh breath chew daily and I like to pick it up and hide it under the couch a.k.a save it up for later. I also hide it inside my bed now and then. You can’t hate a girl that’s being strategic. My pawfect human will be very loving, cuddly, affectionate and willing to surprise me with a new toy or bone daily. If you do that I will provide all the kisses and snuggles a Frenchie girl can offer 😉

Health: Little chunky ball of fur

Maya is smaller than her siblings, but she doesn’t hold back with meal time at all. I can’t even put the bowl on the floor without her trying to push it out of my hands with her tiny paws. She, just like all our pups eats a mixture of kibble and freshly made food. She also enjoys cottage cheese and adores blueberries. She had two sets of Bordatella as well as 2 boosters of the 5 in 1 combo. She will needs another booster as well as a rabies shot. I would avoid giving any additional vaccines since they aren’t 100% necessary and can sometimes cause issues with the bulldog breed. Maya is also microchipped and will be health checked one more time before leaving for her home.


We feed her 4 smaller meals per day, even though she would not be opposed to more than that. In between meals she gets fresh chicken or dehydrated raw treats that are highly nutritious and filler free. She also gets her daily Omega 3 supplement, a probiotic and occasionally some fresh turmeric sprinkled on top of her meals. One thing I need to point out is that this girl loves water and will drink it just for the fun of it, so we sometimes need to revoke water access or she will go completely insane and also use the bowl as a personal pool. I’m actually pretty excited to see how she does in the summer. I feel like she will love swimming.

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