Blue Merle Rosie
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About The Puppy!

Meet Rosie, our enchanting blue merle French Bulldog, a little gem that sparkles with all the colors of a twilight sky. Just like a rose garden under a starry night, Rosie’s coat is a magical tapestry of blues and grays, woven together in a pattern as unique as her personality.

Rosie is more than just a puppy; she’s a tiny, four-legged bundle of joy with a spirit as vibrant as her stunning coat. Her eyes twinkle with mischief and merriment, inviting you into her playful world. Each little bark, a note in her melody of happiness, is sure to resonate with the heart of anyone who meets her.

But Rosie isn’t all about play. She has a cuddly, affectionate side too. Imagine spending a chilly evening with Rosie snuggled up by your side, her gentle breathing a sweet lullaby of contentment. She’s the perfect balance of playful energy and soothing companionship.

Rosie will be ready to join her forever home after Thanksgiving, just in time to be the perfect addition to your family. She’s eagerly waiting to fill your home with love, laughter, and a dash of puppy mischief.

Rosie the Blue Merle Frenchie

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Financing Options:

We are not a bank, but if you need financing there are options including the link below. If you are considering financing we would seriously ask you to consider adopting from a shelter first! However if you’ve made up your mind, and nothing will get between you and your furbaby Click Here to Apply with Terrace Pet! .