Spirited Frenchie Rocky

🐾 Introducing Rocky

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    πŸŽ„ Ready for Christmas - A Perfect Gift Under Your Tree πŸŽ„

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    🐾 Introducing Rocky - A Name with a Story 🐾

    Rocky, our spirited Lilac & Tan French Bulldog puppy, is named after the iconic character from the famous movie series, symbolizing determination and courage. His vibrant personality and strong spirit make him a perfect companion for all adventures. Just like his namesake, Rocky is ready to conquer hearts with his charm this Christmas!

    πŸŽ„ Ready for Christmas - A Perfect Gift Under Your Tree πŸŽ„

    Age: Ready to go home by Christmas (Currently too young, available after December 15th)
    Health: Will be Up-to-date on all vaccinations and health checks
    Personality: Spirited and developing a unique character

    πŸ“£ Exclusive Waitlist - Sign Up Now! πŸ“£ Limited Availability: Rocky is a special holiday addition and we expect high demand.
    Deposit Soon: We will start accepting deposits soon. Act fast to ensure Rocky spends this Christmas with you! Stay Updated: Join our waitlist to receive regular pup-dates as Rocky grows and blossoms.

    Rocky the Frenchie

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