I’m a lilac French Bulldog puppy for sale located in New York City. And not just a regular lilac, lilac with tan points, which makes me **really rare**.

Ace / Superman - The Lilac & Tan French Bulldog

Ace / Superman
Price $5000:
Age 12 weeks
Birthday 5.25.19
Coat Color Lilac & Tan
personality Super Friendly / Outgoing
Health Cleared
Available as of 09/17/19 Available

About Ace

Personality: Hey! My name is Ace, I’m the cool guy of the litter.

I’m a lilac French Bulldog puppy for sale located in New York City. And not just a regular lilac, lilac with tan points, which makes me really rare. You won’t see another French Bulldog Puppy like me strutting the streets of NYC.
I’m loving, playful but also like to keep my brothers and sisters on their toes. They definitely get their daily amount of exercise with me in the house.

Health: I don’t even have to explain how healthy I am, my running around and jumping explains it.

Lilac French Bulldog Puppies for sale have a coat that is lighter than a regular blue coat, so they do need a quality shampoo to keep that light coat looking clean and shiny. We recommend using this hypoallergenic shampoo. Before I go home I will receive 2 sets of shots, heatworm prevention treatment, tick and flea treatment, deworming and I will also get microchipped. Vet will issue a fresh health certificate before I leave.

Feeding: Ace, just like his siblings eats the same mixture of kibble and Fresh Pet Chicken food.

But he does like to pace around when the adults are being fed – they are being fed a raw diet. So it looks like little Ace has a very big interest in the raw diet himself. Hmmm?

Ace is also getting his daily multivitamin and Omega 3 supplement from The Natural Pet Company. I’m obsessed with every product they put out and they work great for French Bulldogs and their sensitive skin. Check out what the best food brands for French Bulldogs are here.

Apply for further consideration.

Apply for further consideration.

We receive quite a bit of traffic on our website, and feel its our responsibility to ensure that each puppy is placed in a good home. Because of this an application and quick interview will be required.

Financing Options:

We offer financing through a third-party company we occasionally partner with. The application process is very smooth and simple and offers financing to up to 5 years. If interested in financing a French Bulldog CLick Here to Apply with Community Finance LLC .

Health Testing:

Our French bulldogs for sale come from health tested parents, but additional health testing can be performed on the specific puppy. We use (it’s like a 23&me for dogs!). Lead time is 3-6 weeks for results.

  • UC Davis
  • Animal Genetics
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