Cheap French Bulldog Puppies Under $500

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It’s something we hear too often these days. Unfortunately people don’t understand why this is impossible to find and why French Bulldogs are expensive in the first place. But please proceed on reading to get a better understanding of this complex but amazing breed.

Another common question is “How much does French Bulldog cost”? Some breeders have inexpensive French Bulldog puppies for sale. Is that good or bad? We will answer all this and more in the content below, so stay with us.

The cost of Breeding a French bulldog

Cost of Breeding a French bulldog

Before you decide to breed it’s important to clear your dog of any unwanted, genetic disorders.

If you don’t own both a male and a female, a stud fee is required. The better quality the male (good structure, no genetic issues) the more expensive the stud fee.

Sometimes the price can reach up to $6000, just for that. Can you imagine? Secondly due to their body shape and narrow hips, 80% of French Bulldogs can’t breed naturally and Artificial Insemination is required to produce puppies.

Females then require to birth the puppies via C-section. Some of them can whelp naturally, but C-section is a preferred option if you want to make sure all the little pups survive. The procedure is not cheap, $1500-$2000.

After the puppies are born, they need to be fed every 2-3 hours for the first 10 days, which as you can imagine can make breeders very sleep deprived. It’s also not recommended to keep the female around babies without supervision for the first week or two. Even though Frenchies are great moms, they can accidentally kill the babies by laying on them.

After that come all the vet bills. Making sure all the dogs are healthy, have their shots, have been dewormed and are parasite free, etc. Don’t mention the quality food the breeders have to provide while the puppies are in their care. So if a breeder would sell cheap French Bulldog puppies under $500, that wouldn’t cover any of the initial expenses.

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Quick FAQ About Cheap Frenchies

  • Do $500 French Bulldog puppies exist?
    Yes, French Bulldog’s exist at a shelter, but if you’re looking for a baby to raise as your own, anyone who asks $500 will likely be a scam. The prices for French Bulldog Puppies start at 2000$ on the lower end.
  • Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive?
    French Bulldog Puppies are expensive because: - They cannot mate or breed naturally. - They require artificial insemination - French Bulldogs also cannot have natural births, each birth must be a C-Section. However, to help you with the costs you can apply for financing for one of our puppies through our partner. Regardless of whether you have support or not:
  • I’m on a budget, can I get a French Bulldog this week?
    Yes! Financing a French Bulldog Puppy is an option with Ethical Frenchie (Ethical Kennel in North Carolina). All you must do is apply with one of the 2 financing companies we work with. The process is very smooth and fast after you get approved and you can bring your Frenchie puppy home within days.
  • How Does Financing Work?
    It’s quick and easy, we have had a few people apply for financing and were successful, in fact, nobody we know has been denied yet. If you are seriously interested in qualifying for a Frenchie puppy, don’t hesitate and visit us to apply today. Check out our [Financing Options]( page.
  • How Long is the application process?
    The process is very quick and only takes a few minutes to get pre-approved. After the paperwork is filled out by both parties, we can start scheduling the date of the puppy pick up/delivery. We work with a highly reliable flight nanny in case the delivery to another state Is required. The cost of the flight nanny (if you are out of state) can be included in your financing fee as well.
  • What Are My Options Other than Financing?
    You can always reach out to local rescues, or nationwide French Bulldog rescues and open your home to a French Bulldog adult in need. Another suggestion that we have would be reaching out to local breeders and inquiring about their adult French Bulldogs that they are planning to retire. The fee is usually anything between 500-1000$, depending on the breeder and the area.
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How much does French Bulldog cost

The prices of French Bulldogs vary, but let’s say the typical price for a standard one would be around $2000. By standard we mean brindle, pied, fawn, cream. Again it all depends on the breeding cost. Did the breeders own both male and female, did the female gave birth naturally, etc. If they invested more time and money, the price will go up.

How much does French Bulldog cost

You will pay much more for “rare” colors and variations, such as blue, chocolate, black and tan or lilac French Bulldogs. The price will also go up if you your dog is from a “champion blood line” or has a genetic mutation that makes him “fluffy”. The fluffy Frenchie is very rare and goes for as much as $15000 and more.

Blue, chocolate, black and tan or lilac French Bulldogs

Blue, chocolate, black and tan or lilac French Bulldogs

As you see there are many things that affect how much does French Bulldog cost. But if you are at the end of the day looking for a Frenchie companion because of their amusing, loving qualities, the color doesn’t play a role.

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Inexpensive French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Ok, the part you were all waiting for. You are scrolling online with the the intention to find inexpensive French Bulldog puppies for sale and maybe you find some. Should you be alarmed?

Well it really depends. There is a big chance the puppies are produced in a puppy factory with less regulation, less care, no genetic testing, didn’t receive their shots, etc. Long story short the breeder didn’t invest that much, so they can be sold for less.

Dogs in a puppy mill often live in dirty cages without any access to the outside world, aren’t receiving the basic care and are bred multiple times in their lifetime before dumped in a shelter. Since the females aren’t cared for, the chances are the puppies aren’t in the best shape either. So at the end of the day, you get what you paid for.

Next time you see a post with inexpensive French Bulldog puppies for sale at an alarming price, our advice is do as much research as possible. I know the puppy looks cute, but it might be a heartbreak waiting to happen.

You really still want a French Bulldog but can’t swing the full amount? We offer payment plans for up-coming litters. Please reach out at any time.

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Can’t go beyond $500? Reach out to French Bulldog rescue groups in your state to see if they have a Frenchie in need of a loving home.

Inexpensive French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

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